Report an issue or suggest an improvement!

We can all agree, no matter how much we try perfection always seems to be just as far away.

At the end of the day we want our store to be as accessible and user friendly as possible and the best way we came up with is working with all of our customers who will use the site regularly.

If you have an experienced an issue with out site please let us know. Issue’s include anything that has stopped you using the site to complete what you are here for whether that be for a purchase or just to browse. Examples are:
Page not loading
Broken links

However there is another side of this coin, “Improvements!” Now change for the sake of change can be wasteful but we do strive for greatness and for this to be store everyone does like to use and that we can support each other. Have an idea or see something not working the way you necessarily think it should. Let us know, we are a small team so we may overlook things at times, and don’t worry if you think someone else may have said the same thing, if there are multiple reports its clearer where we should focus our time.

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